Over the past few years, crypto has become a global trend not only in the banking and finance sector but also across all sectors of the economy. Facts and statistics show that there has been a consistent and steady increase in crypto-related activities since the debut of the first cryptocurrency in 2009. With the number of cryptocurrencies in the market being over 9000, the global market capitalization of crypto stands at about $900 billion as of June 2022.
Crypto is gaining much admiration because of its perks compared to conventional banking and finance systems.
  • Crypto is very flexible and versatile, which helps in making globalization a reality due to smooth and convenient cross-border transactions.
  • Crypto is safer and more secure, thanks to its immutable transactions that cannot be altered or tampered with.
  • Also, crypto transactions are faster and cheaper.
Because of these, corporates and even governments are in a rush to incorporate crypto, a good example being when Elon Musk, or 'the world's favorite billionaire,' announced that Tesla would accept crypto as a form of payment. Musk, together with other crypto believers, is convinced that digital currency is the future currency.
Apart from making payments, there are other on-demand crypto services, such as saving, loans, and swapping. Because of the rising crypto penetration and adoption, many players have emerged to serve crypto enthusiasts and traders. Platforms like etoro.com/ and binance.com/ are very popular in terms of crypto trading and offering other crypto-related services. However, clients seeking crypto services are often left confused on which way to go—choosing a platform that is the most suitable for their needs.
How about a platform that brings all the other crypto platforms together so that when you want to save, borrow, or swap, it makes the comparison for you to help you see what each platform offers and choose the best one for your needs?
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